10-Sheet Peel and Stick Tile for Kitchen Backsplash, 12x12 inches White Subway Tile with Grey Grout

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Product Description

peel and stick tile backsplash
peel and stick tile

Recommended Surface

smooth ceramic tiles backsplash, smooth glass tiles backsplash, acrylic wall panel, pained gypsum, wall linoleum, stainless metal, mirror, laminate, wallpaper (if some corners are peeling, just peel them off and install tiles over them).

Non-Recommended Surface

oily wall, brick wall, stucco wall, stone wall, unfinished wall (gypsum or plaster), unpainted plywood.

Wall & Tile Temperature

The temperature of the wall and tiles should be at least about 70°F for 12 hours before installation and 24 hours after installation. This is very important because if wall and tiles are cold, the tiles will not stick well. During the winter, the wall temperature is usually lower than room temperature so make sure that your walls are warm.

Press All Grout Lines Firmly

Make sure you press ALL grout lines firmly, and try NOT to touch the adhesive side as much as you can.

peel and stick tile backsplash peel and stick tile peel and stick tile backsplash peel and stick tile Peel and Stick Marble Tile
White Subway Tile White Subway Tile Grey Subway Tile Marble Design Tile Marble Design Tile
Size 11.8" X 11.8" 12" X 12" 11.6"x11.6" 11.6"x11.6" 11.6"x11.6"
Sheet 10 10 10 10 10
Peel & Stick
Easy to clean