Airbus A320 Window Clock Polished Aluminium + Red Face, Home Decor, Unique Gift

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MATERIALS: – Aluminium Airbus A320 fuselage window section. – Powder coating. – German made clock mechanisms. – Bespoke wall handing bracket. CONSIDERATIONS: – To care for your polished aluminium, we suggest keeping it clean with a dry dust cloth. – Metals will dull and develop a patina over time, nothing a bit of polish and elbow grease wont fix, for more information, feel free to get in touch MADE FROM PLANE After cutting the fuselage straight form the aircraft we take it to our workshop on a derelict farm in Wiltshire, UK. There we get to work, meticulously cutting, sanding, cleaning and polishing the fuselage section. Over 25 hours of work goes into the making of each fuselage clock. A SPLASH OF COLOUR Once the fuselage has been cut and prepped, we start the powder coating process. We love a splash of colour and have used a huge variety of colours over the years, from standard block colours to metallics and our personal favourites, the candy colours. SAND, POLISH AND SHINE Once back in the workshop, each clock goes through the rigorous sanding and polishing process. After finishing that we clean it all up, assemble the face and mechanism, package the clock up and send it on its way, to its new home as a beautiful piece of aviation furniture.