ANNT 3D Wallpaper Faux Wood Wall Panels Soft PE Foam Peel and Stick Wall Covering Waterproof PE Foam Wood Veins Wallpaper for Living Room Bedroom TV Wall and Home Decor 10 Pack

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Size Name: 10 Pack

This 3d wallpaper is made of PE Foam material, not real wood plank.

ANNT specializes in producing 3D XPE foam wallpaper, with new print technology, brilliant colors and premium materials.
3D wallpaper is not essential for decorating your home, though it has become an important method to bring style and colour into a room.
It is a decoratively printed material, creative design, used to cover and decorate the interior walls, headboard, ceiling and fireplace etc.

Brand Name: ANNT
Size Name: 27.56'' L x 27.56'' W
Product Type: Tile/Panel
Pattern: Wood mosaic
Texture: 3D Embossed
Primary Material: Soft XPE foam
Size:26.45 sq feet (5 pack)
Thickness: 0.18 inch
Water Resistant: Yes
Stain Resistant: Yes

1. Measure the wall to get detailed sizes before do the cutting.
2. Clean the dust and keep dry before construction.
3. Cut the appropriate size according to the wall.
4. Peel the back paper sticker then stick on the flat surface.
5. Press the panel to make sure stick on the wall properly.
6. Complete your work!

1. The standard of 3D wall paper size is 27.56'' L x 27.56'' W for each piece (total 26.45 sq feet), please measure the wall to get detailed size before order quantity is decided.
2. If you want to remove 3d wallpaper, please use hair dryer to heat the glue and then remove them slowly and carefully.
3. Suitable for pasting on any smooth, flat surface.
4. Keep the wall dry, long term seepage of wall will affect the service life of the product.

If there is any problem with our prouct, please contact us. We will solve it in 24 hours.