Antea Decor Cotton Stems 6 Pack - Rustic Cotton Flowers - Perfect for Farmhouse Fall Decor - 10 Balls Per Stem - 21 Inches

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Antea Decor Cotton Stem 6 Pack

Exquisite Farmhouse Charm

Antea Decor Cotton Stems are handcrafted to be the perfect piece of farmhouse decor. Our cotton branches are a high quality product made for anyone looking to bring out the most of their living space by adding a piece of rustic home decor. 

What is included?

Our decorative cotton stems come with a total of 6 branches and two burlap strings to tie them into bundles. 

Perfect fit for any style

When using our cotton stems as a centerpiece, we recommend a vase height of around 8-10 inches. However, since the stems can be cut to any desired length, any size will work great! While most customers use them as a standalone piece, they look great when mixed together with other rustic floral arrangements. 

In addition, each individual cotton ball can be adjusted and moved around to create a more natural rustic look.

Our cotton stems have unlimited potential and are guaranteed to be the perfect piece of rustic farmhouse decor, while also functioning great in other settings! 

We are an American owned family business! 

Antea Decor prides itself on bringing our customers nothing but the highest quality products and service. As a small family owned company, we stress the importance of doing things the right way, every time, and all the time. You can be rest assured that we are always there for you!