Decomod It's A Girl Banner Laser Cut Felt 50 inches Wide - Pink White Gold Shimmer Glitter Hearts and Polka Dot

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Our It's A Girl banners are made from high quality, durable felt and are the perfect addition for your special announcement!! Use them year after year. They will soon be a favorite tradition. Our banners are sturdy and durable unlike paper or cardboard banners! These will last! Each banner piece measures 3.75 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall. Each piece is laser cut with letters layered and applied. Our buntings are made from a think felt that is both stiff and sturdy. It measures 3mm thick; not your average craft store felt. This gives it a neat textural and dimensional look. Comes with 14 banner pieces and a simple, white grosgrain ribbon for stringing. All strung together (as pictured), the bunting measures 50 inches wide. You can space yours out along the ribbon to suit your needs in length. You can add your favorite ribbon, tulle, string or rope to make a more custom look! This banner is durable enough to toss in your Holiday box for storage without getting ruined.