Efavormart 14ft Burlap Jute Table Skirt - Natural Burlap for Kitchen Dining Catering Wedding Birthday Party Decorations Events

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Some gatherings are better outside the big cities to give way to the more open outdoors with tall trees, endless grasslands and add in some serene ponds, rivers and waterfalls. And weve crafted the perfect linen to make such perfect atmospheric occasions to exude luxury while still blending in with the humble surroundings. Introducing the Jute/Burlap skirts that is sure to exude a classy taste while definitely blending in alongside the beautiful country look. Made with sturdy fabric and styled for a charming appeal, make sure to buy a few these for those outdoor bonding moments. *This High-Quality linen has been studied and refined after the rare Chambury House linen masterpieces because when everything just has to be perfect, then perfection begins with Chambury Casa linens! How to Care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer. Material: High quality Jute/Burlap with Lace trims Size: Approx. 29; tall; available in 14ft, 17ft, 21ft variations. NOTE:

Table-top covers are SOLD SEPARATELY.