Leopard Adjustable Bar Stools Square Back, Leather Padded with Back, Set of 2 (Red)

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Product Description

  • Furniture, such as Bar Stools, Bar Tables, Ladder Shelf, Computer Desk, Dining Chairs & Table, Saddle Stools and so on;
  • Outdoor Products, such as cooler bags,portable toilet and sports wagon;
  • Baby Products, such as diaper bag,car seat travel bag,pack 'n playard.


For a Variety of Occasions

  • Modern style bar stools can be in your dining room, kitchen, living room, entertainment area, rest area, office, exhibition, cafe and so on
  • Modern Style and truly comfortable bar stool to bring you a comfortable sitting experience
  • Swivel - 360 degree swivel


For a Variety of Occasions




Adjustable Height


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Square Back Bar Stools Shell Back Bar Stools Bar Table Round Work Stools Bar Stools Bar Stools
Piece Set Of 2 Set Of 2 Single One Single One Set Of 2 Set of 2
With Back x x
Height Adjustable (With Seat Cushion) Yes, Adjust From 22.5"-32.5" Yes, Adjust From 24"-32.5" NO, 41" Height Yes, Adjust From 27.4" - 35.7" Yes, Adjust From 21.5"-31.5" Yes, Adjust From 24"-32.5"
Colorful x
Dimension (With Seat Cushion) 16" W x 15" D x 22.5"-32.5"H 17"W x 15.2 "D x 24"-32.5"H Diameter 23.6" Diameter 13.8" 16" W x 15" D x 21.5"-31.5"H 17.5"W x 12 "D x 24.5"-32.5"H
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Ladder Shelf Computer Desk Swivel Chair Bar Stools Computer Gaming Chair Ottoman Storage Stool
Dimensiton 59”H x 238"W x ( 8.3”- 12” )D 47.25"L x 23.5"W x 30.25"H 13.8 (Diameter) X 22" - 26 " 17.6" W x 14.5" D x 24"H 20.86"L x 18.9"D x 19.68"-23.6" 13.77"W x 13.77"D x 19.68"H