Rustic Pre-Tied Bow Tie in 100% Burlap Hessian for Adults & Children, by Bow Tie House

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Product Description

Handcrafted from 100% Eco Burlap Hessian cloth this bowtie offers a nice range of colors and is an ideal accessory for your shirt or costume. Our natural colors are easy on the eye and because of their subtle hue, they match with a large range of casual or formal wear. You can wear gentle and pleasant beige, blue, grey, green, brown and dark red bow ties in everyday use while underlining your position without loud words, but with quiet and subtle additions to your wardrobe.

Everyone tries to express his own person and individuality. Each of us does it in different ways. One of the ways includes in uses in our everyday life one little thing, which can say more without words. We say about the real eco product. Especially If you are protectionist of our green planet. Eco product never forces you to worry about environmental pollution. The accessory is made of eco material and would help you to show your position in the world. Eco Sackcloth bowtie with nice beige color is the ideal accessory for your shirt or costume. Besides, cute and gentle beige is pretty and suit for any clothes.

Bow tie is made of 100% linen. It has the whole spectrum of sizes for adult and children. If you love nature and care about environmental, then you should have this bow tie in your bowtie’s collection. New hessian bow tie made by hand in our workshop. For the more natural rustic look. Maybe you are an artisan, a musician, a writer, or simply interested in a real eco product and want to a take a more “green” stance to your dress wear. A great gift for Father’s Day or to add a bit of rustic class to your loved one’s wardrobe.

Never Machine Wash! It will ruin the fabric.

Sizes Variety

First impressions count, so we want to make sure we have the right size for you. 

Here is what is available:

Small - for babies, infants, newborns, toddlers, preschoolers, kids, children up to 5 years old - 9*5 cm (3.54 in*1.96 in)

Medium - for children, kids, boys, girls, teens, tweens, preteens, grade schoolers, youth, young adults, adults, women, men and XS, S, M body constitution - 11*6 cm (4.33 in*2.36 in) 

Large - for men L, XL, XXL body constitution - 12*6.5 cm (4.72 in*2.56 in)

The bow ties had the unisex pattern and pre-tied shape.

Quality and Materials

Because of all our bow ties handmade, we want to apologize that some colors are not in stock.

Each bow tie made of burlap material, which consists of linen fibers. Linen is a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. Linen is laborious to manufacture, but the fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Metal clips are covered with plastic externally, it protects from rusting after wash.

A range of lovely textured 100% Linen bow ties from subtle black through the whole spectrum of colors to match your shirt and for every occasion, from the dapper wedding to prom night.


Instructions for use

The bow tie had a simple hook and regulator.

  • The first maximise a strap and wrap around the neck;
  • The second hook from two sides;
  • The third spin adjustable part by the regulator from another side.

 Well done! So easy, isn`t it?

Types of cleaning are allowed.

  • Hand wash
  • Dry clean

Huge diversity of colors

Here some color names which are available now:

Beige, Grey, Dark Red, Blue, Green

You can look stylish and beautiful. If you want patterns, we have them too, take a look at our store here. The perfect accessory. A great way to look crisp and swish for that all important meeting. A great gift for Father’s Day or to add a bit of class to your loved one’s wardrobe. 

Those pre-tied solid bow ties suitable for all genders and ages. Men, women, teenagers, kids and even babies will have the best look, not just on your best friend’s wedding party, but also when you walk with your children to the café or the park, or go on the date with your lovely friend. Don’t be upset if black is not your favorite color, because we have all color assortments. Be sure, that if you want to look solid and stylish at the same time, you will find your individual color in tens variants. Now it is your turn. Please choose and buy.