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55.9cm High (Approximately)

A great way to personalise your walls and make your walls transform from plain to creative!

A very creative way to cover any marks, holes, or drawing disasters on your walls.. shh! no one will ever find out!

Our vinyl wall stickers are easy to apply, it can be much more easier with an extra pair of hands however, we also supply our stickers with instructions. After installing if you notice any bubbles you can pop these carefully with a sharp pin and push the air out with a card shape tool.

Further Information

It is important that the decals are applied to surfaces that are smooth, clean and dust and grease free. Freshly painted walls will need a minimum of four weeks to dry out fully before decals are applied.

When you receive your decal please leave it in a warm room for at least 24 hours before application.  In colder weather it may be necessary to pre-heat cold walls with a hair dryer prior to and during application as this helps to activate the adhesive.

Occasionally during transit the application tape and decal can separate slightly from the backing paper. If this happens care needs to be taken while smoothing back down to avoid creasing.

The photo showing the available colours is for guidance only as all computer monitors vary.