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Color: World English Bible

A Heavenly Made Religious Inspirational Home Décor For Every Christian House!

Are you fed up with all those useless, time and money consuming interior home decors and you are looking for something that will elevate your soul? If so, then we have the ultimate proposal for you.

Our uniquely made Christian stone plaque that will fit everywhere you place it. It doesn’t matter if your house has a rustic, modern, luxurious or vintage style. Our stone home décor will blend in harmoniously!

Its vivid colors and powerful written message will uplift your spirit from day one!

Get Than Inner Strength Back With This Inspirational Bible Verse

Written with beautiful letters, lies an inspirational verse on this stone.

If you feel like losing faith lately, if you face difficulties and you are thinking about giving up, simply don’t. You can do everything as long as you believe in yourself and Christ will give that extra positive strength to make all things work out eventually.

All you need is to make that leap of faith!

Durable & Unique Gift Stone That Guarantees Inspiration & A Stylish House

InspiraGifts designed this stone plaque to fit anywhere you like. Is it the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen countertop or your country vacation cottage?

The natural stone is crafted with great love and you may rest assured it won’t fade away and keep its exceptional colors and brightness alive forever.

The red vivid butterfly, flying over a field of poppies and colorful flowers next to the inspirational verse will put a smile on your face every time you pass by it.

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